WA Govt giving away 125 cartons of free beer – 13 days to go!
Sunday,25 June 2017

The WA Government is offering an additional $5,000 on top of the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant up to the end of this month only.  That’s only 13 days to go.  This effectively means you can get out of renting and own your own home without needing to chip in any of your savings whatsoever.  But how does this relate to beer?  Well, the $5,000 you previously had to chip in as a deposit can cover 125 cartons of beer.  What better way to spend a Government Grant!

On a serious note, the increase of the First Home Buyers Grant to $15,000 is a very real opportunity to get into your own home without needing to spend a cent of your own savings.  It’s not about what $5,000 can buy you, it’s about not needing to dip into your savings to fund a house deposit.  And this window of opportunity is diminishing extremely quickly.

If you want to find out if this is for you, then give us a call straight away on 6189 8795 or contact us here and we can qualify you on the spot and help you take the opportunity while it lasts.  13 days to go!