The “Aldi effect”
Wednesday,21 September 2016

A recent article from The Sun reports that UK properties located within close proximity to the budget retailer giant, Aldi, saw an increase in property prices up to $8700 within 3 months of the stores opening.

Location is a key factor in securing a property that will see good future return and close proximity to major stores is one key factor. Additionally, being close to public transport, schools, parklands and water (river or ocean), have been long-term reliable indicators for future growth.

The good news for WA home buyers came this year when Aldi cracked the WA market in a big way, with 15 stores now open and two more in Cannington and Waikiki on their way, there are excellent opportunities available to secure your next home close to the retail giant.

  Aldi store locations


These regions of Perth are perfect choices for first home buyers looking to secure a property in a good location with an affordable price tag.

Here at Start Right Homes we have access to excellent resources and can create tailored house and land packages for you, taking into consideration key growth indicators to help you find the perfect property for your needs now and in the future.

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Link to reference article: here