Start Right with Your Dream Home Checklist
Saturday,15 December 2018


We all know it’s important to be mindful of costs when planning to build your new home, which is why writing up a dream home checklist is such a great idea. Having a checklist will help you map out exactly what it is that you want (and what you can afford), and will help guide you through the planning process.

The idea behind a dream home checklist is to write down your most idyllic scenario… then work backwards. This will give you a great insight into what you need, compared to what you want.
At Start Right Homes, we have helped thousands of Perth residents on their journey to owning their dream home. Our team have put together a few key tips to get you started.


Here are some pointers to get you going so you don’t miss anything as you compile your checklist:



The budget for your new home is undoubtedly the most important item on your checklist. Without it, you won’t be able to ascertain exactly what it is you can and can’t afford. When shopping around for a mortgage, make sure you do your research in order to see what offers are out there before committing to a particular banking institution. This is probably the first time you are doing this, so don’t be afraid to ask lenders plenty of questions – even if they seem silly. As a rule of thumb, house and land packages are generally far more affordable than purchasing land and a house separately.


Location should be one of the biggest items on your list, and will really let you know what your priorities are. If close proximity to your work (or the beach) is a ‘must-have’ in your mind, then you may need to forego other items on your list, such as the size of your property or whether you have a pool. Again, this will all be dependent on your budget.

Design & Layout

What style of home are you looking for? Is it a family-sized home or something a little more cosy? Gourmet kitchen with all the bells and whistles? Bedroom ensuite and walk-in robes? All these design features need to be considered, with the important ones heading up your checklist. As with location, it’s important to work out your non-negotiables during the planning stages so you know exactly what it is you can afford, and what you may need to compromise on.


Let’s face it, everybody’s different and will have their own unique set of preferences. When it comes to the local amenities in your area, jot down on your checklist what’s important to you. If you need to catch the train to work in Perth, for example, make sure you’re close to a railway station. Got kids? You’ll no doubt want to be near the local schools.


We hope these tips have been able to help get you started on writing up your own dream home checklist. However, if you need more in-depth information in relation to buying a home in Perth, Start Right Homes has years of knowledge and expertise to help guide you in the right direction.

For more information about how we can make your dream home a reality, talk to one of the team at Start Right Homes on 08 6115 4888 or start a conversation with us now!