Start Right with the Right Research
Thursday,03 January 2019


You wouldn’t set off on a long journey without checking a map or your satellite navigation system to ensure you know where you are going, now would you? So why would you even consider building your dream home without carrying out due diligence and proper research?

Of course you wouldn’t but many do. So, we have a drafted a few pointers to help you along the home building path in Perth or wherever you decide to make a house your home.


Choosing a builder alone can be quite a daunting task. So check out our previous blog here on how you can choose the top three builders for you. Start Right Homes will give you all the best advice to help you along the way.


Do your homework

Before a brick is laid, you need to get yourself in gear and carry out some intensive research. Building your house is one thing, but buying the land and encountering local regulations and codes is another. It can be another major debacle that can throw everything off kilter if you don’t have all the facts at your disposal from start.


Question time

Sure, on the surface of it, the site may seem fine. But you need to ask the probing questions to make certain that you are getting what it is you think you are paying for. Here is where being organised really pays off. If you started your research right, you will have your builder ready and on-site with you looking at the land and site. S/he can ask those probing questions for you if you don’t really know what you are supposed to ask.


Splashing the cash

Remember, when you get your finances together, you must prepare for the unexpected. We all struggle to be frugal when it comes to spending large amounts of money. But if you don’t budget for problematic situations and have a contingency plan, you could end up spending more in the long run. Having a little bit extra in the grand scheme of things could save you huge amounts if things go really wrong, and nobody needs that stress when you are building your dream home.


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