Start Right with Realistic Timelines
Saturday,19 January 2019


Whether you are in Perth or elsewhere around the globe, building your home is one of the most satisfying, yet challenging things you will do in your life.

Let’s be honest about it, nobody needs the stress of having running battles with burly builders or daily tiffs with arty architects, but unfortunately these things happen when you are building your home.

Having said all that, all the struggles, the setbacks and frustration will be worth it once you have a home you love, but make sure to set realistic timelines to prevent any added stress.

Start Right Homes have your back and we have assembled some useful tips to keep at hand as you get going with your building journey.


Healthy Relationships

First things first, you need to find a home builder that you can trust. One that understands what you are looking for and cares as much about your future home as you do. You will need to work together to set out a realistic timeline that takes everything into consideration, from material delivery delays to weather worries. Check out our blog Start Right With the Right Team to find out the five things to consider when choosing your builder.


Seasonal dilemma

When to build is an important decision. Sometimes, we cannot dictate the schedule in terms of a start time or a builder’s calendar but if at all possible, choose to build when winter is over. The weather can ruin a good schedule and can cause you sleepless nights worrying about all types of issues such as weather damage.


Money Matters

When it comes to building, money really does matter. You need to have a firm grasp on your budget even before you or your builder sets foot on site. Thousands of builds are delayed every year due to would-be new home owners running into financial difficulties. Make sure you have a solid financial plan in place and that you understand where the pitfalls could be early on. Most importantly, have a contingency plan up your sleeve, you may well need one.


Talking is good

Ensure you have good, clear communications with your builder from the get-go. It is common for projects to run into difficulty due to the fact that the home owner and the builder are not on the same page. Perhaps the builder expected to get paid before the bank holiday weekend and the home owner didn’t even turn up on site. Simple everyday problems like these can trip you up and cause the project to become delayed. Talk things through, and avoid those “you never said” scenarios.


Speaking of communications, our experts at Start Right Homes are ready to respond to your queries about building your dream home. Call us on 08 6189 8795 or start a conversation with us now!