Start Right with Finishing Touches
Saturday,02 February 2019


Congratulations! Your dream home is finally built and it no longer resembles a construction site.

The next step is turning a house into a home and to add the necessary finishing touches.

For most people, the goal is to create a functional, inviting and stylish interior that will be your sanctuary. When you started your home-building journey, it’s likely that this is the moment that you dreamed off – turning the key in your front door and walking into your home, just as you designed it.

To achieve this, it’s time to consider everything from internal finishes to colour palettes, furniture styles and textures throughout the property. When you are decorating your home, think about the kind of feel you want for it.

What is your overriding style? Your home must reflect you and your sense of style and it must also be functional for your family and lifestyle.


Start Right Homes, Perth’s leading building company has devised some expert tips to guide you through the process.


Invest, and save where you can

When on a budget, it’s important to save money where you can, without compromising on quality and potentially eroding your entire design theme.

Spend money where it matters, on items which you will use every single day and which will get the most wear and tear, for example the sofa, bed and your fitted kitchen. These items will be in your home for years so invest in the best you can afford.

Accessories and wall art can be sourced to suit all budgets and you can wait for these, and pick them up when you have the funds to do so. Interior design is a process and for many it takes months, if not years to get their home just how they would like it.


Get cleaning

You need not only a blank canvas on which to impress your theme or design, but it should be a clean one. Discuss with your builder if contract cleaning is included in the package and if not, allocate a budget for it yourself. Of course, you can do a certain amount of cleaning yourself but a professional company with the right products and tools will remove all construction site residue much quicker leaving you free to concentrate on the decor.


Prioritise storage

New homeowners often bemoan the lack of storage within their property so it’s important to factor this in from the get-go. Whether it’s for children’s toys, clothing or for your career or business, make sure you have a variety of functional storage solutions.

This will help you maintain a clutter free and tidy home, and this is priceless.


Explore minimalism

Sure, minimalism is a trend right now, and it might not always be. But when moving into a new home it is a great way to weed out unwanted and unused items from your life. Simply clear them out when you pack up your old place and refuse to bring anything with you unless 1. You love it or 2. It brings you happiness.


If you’re not already on the journey to owning your own dream home, call us on 08 6189 8795 or start a conversation with us now and start right on thinking about your dream home with us!