Start Right in Your New Home
Saturday,09 February 2019


Take a bow, you have finally done it. Years of preparation and work has gone into building your new home and now it’s time to pop open the bubbly and celebrate with your family and friends. Having a party in your new home has a great sound to it and what better way to turn your house into a home than have your loved ones share the space with you, showing them what you have achieved along with your home builder.


When the dust settles and the party is over though, your home still needs looking after to ensure it maintains its cosy qualities but also its value. The more you look after your home, the better it will mature and the value that you can add to it will be worth so much, even if you never sell.


Some people move into their homes and forget that it comes with a lot of running and maintenance costs. Remember, you aren’t the only one in Western Australia who has home maintenance to worry about and like all the others who do, if you start off on the right footing, your good habits will follow you through the years.


Here are just a few pointers to start you off on the right path;


  • Check all your main utilities every month, from your heating to your water connections and fittings, ensure they are working effectively and if you spot an issue, get it fixed as soon as possible.


  • Clean as you go, make sure you keep your home as clean as possible which means more than the occasional vacuuming of the kitchen and living areas. Air filters, smoke alarms, cookers and dryers can become clogged or damaged by a build-up of dust and lint. You also need to be wary of these and other fire hazards. Always check your fire extinguisher is in a place you can access it and is working correctly.


  • Make sure your gutters are cleared so the rainwater doesn’t clog up the gutter causing leaks and possibly dampness if it gets into the cavity walls. Also, it is worth investing in a water butt and harvesting the rainwater when possible. This will save you water and money.


  • Always tighten loose fittings such as door hinges, seats, and other fixtures. The more time you invest in maintaining your home, the less money you will spend investing into fixing them later on.


Start Right Homes have been working and assisting Perth residents for decades, making sure the house they build becomes their home. If you need more tips on starting right in your new home, contact us today on 08 6189 8795 or start a conversation with us now!