Start Right by Knowing Your Rights
Saturday,12 January 2019


It’s a construction site. Things will go wrong. We all understand that, but it’s still frustrating to see something you have paid hard-earned money for get broken or damaged or worse, to see substandard work carried out on your dream home. Knowing your builder and feeling confident that you can problem solve as a team is important to ensure that and hurdles don’t turn into barriers. For extra peace of mind, it’s also a good idea to ensure that you understand your rights before committing to your new build. At Start Right we have our own commitment to providing you with a home that is as strong in character as it in in structure, but that may not be the case for all builders. To ensure you Start Right, you need to know your rights.


It’s not exactly bedtime reading but it is important to feast your eyes on if you are embarking on a building project. Familiarising yourself with the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 will give you a firm grasp of your legal obligations, and where you stand if something goes pear shaped on-site.


For starters, if you are taking on a building project that is worth over $20,000 then this work must be covered by Home Indemnity Insurance (HII). This will protect you against the potential loss of deposit or other financial burdens if your builder fails to complete the project. It will protect against pitfalls should things go wrong unexpectedly.


Next, ensure that your contract clearly states liability should something go wrong. It will bring clarity to both parties in the project and will establish solid ground rules from the very start. Your home builder must obtain insurance prior to the project, HII is compulsory before commencing any work on site or receiving any payment for those works. The builder must also provide the home owner and the relevant authorities with a copy of the HII.


If you change builders in the middle of construction, make sure the new builder also has HII. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their HII. It’s your right and being half way through the project, you’ll want to take even more care to know any further obstacles will be covered appropriately.


Finally, you should always use professionals who are registered and licensed  This seems like a given but we have seen too many clients come to us with horror stories of attempted cost saving turned into  the total opposite. Ensuring they are licensed will mean that the work is carried out to the highest standards, that no corners are cut and that you have recourse if things do go wrong. If you are looking for a home builder you in Perth, make sure you know your rights and start your journey on the right footing.


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