Raked Ceilings Vs Flat Ceilings – Is a Raked Ceiling Worth It?
Saturday,01 December 2018

Deciding between a raked and flat ceiling is a big decision when you are building a new home. For some, it’s an easy choice. They love all the benefits a raked ceiling offers while others aren’t sure how it will look and whether it’s worth the fuss.


A raked ceiling matches the line of the roof. The beams and trusses can either be exposed as a feature or covered in gyprock.

Raked ceilings aren’t new. Many Australian homes included a raked ceiling as part of their new home build or renovation in the 60s and 70s. Luckily there are far less mission brown beams and more all white ceilings today.

The conventional flat ceiling is 2400mm high while raked ceilings can be well over 4000mm.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of including a raked ceiling in your new home:


It’s no surprise that you see raked ceilings in exotic resorts and upmarket properties. Here are a few reasons why high ceilings appeal to occupants and visitors alike:

A Feeling of Space

A home that has standard ceiling height throughout misses out on the feeling of extra space. You want your living area to be as spacious as possible, and when you can’t increase the square metres floor space, you can lift the roof for a similar effect.

A kitchen and living area like this one could feel cramped with standard height ceilings but with the extra tall ceiling, the area is welcoming.

Savefrom glamourcoastalliving.blogspot.com.au5K+JenBeach House luxury

When you are entertaining, you can fit in plenty of people without feeling claustrophobic because of the low ceiling height.

A Raked Ceiling lets in More Light

It’s not only extra headroom that is available in a raked ceiling, but extra light is also available. With a high ceiling, you can have larger windows or glass doors on the wall. You could also include interesting triangular shaped windows that follow the roofline.

The extra glass in the house allows you to take advantage of a view or stunning backyard.

Cooler Rooms with Raked Ceilings

In Perth’s hot summer, we need to do what we can to keep our houses cool without running the air conditioner all day long. Raked ceilings allow hot air to rise into the ceiling, well above head height.

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Adding a Point of Interest to Your Home

The same ceiling height throughout a home can feel a bit boring. A change in ceiling height can be used to zone an open plan area. Just like a drop ceiling in the kitchen makes it clear that this is the food prep area, a heightened ceiling in the living area is where the fun happens.

Increased Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell, you may find a real estate agent will put a higher price tag on your home if it has a raked ceiling compared to a flat one. Your home can stand out to potential buyers because of the feeling of extra space.


We’re not afraid to admit that we love raked ceilings! Obviously we think the pros far outweigh the cons but here they are nonetheless:

Building Costs

It’s true raked ceilings are more expensive to build. The extra materials and scaffolding required add to the building costs, but we keep the added ceiling height costs to a minimum to encourage our clients to take up a raked ceiling.


When it comes time to paint the ceiling and top of the walls, you will need a high ladder or a scaffold.

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Changing the downlight globes in a raked ceiling will also require a tall ladder, so it’s worth investing in longer life LED bulbs. Besides getting the ladder out less often, you will be reducing waste and saving money.

But you can easily get around the problem of needing a tall ladder by choosing long pendants or track lighting that sit much lower than lights recessed in the ceiling.


Sure there are a few extra things to consider when you are building a raked ceiling. You want to further enhance the look with beautiful lighting. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Lighting your Raked Ceiling

Some homeowners aren’t sure which lights work best for raked ceilings but there is plenty of choice in lighting.

With all the extra natural light a raked ceiling provides, you may not need to turn the light on even on the dullest winter day. Some people choose to install an electronic v-lux skylight window to ensure they enjoy the maximum amount of natural light and possibly improve their home’s star rating.

Pendants come in all sizes and lengths to suit extra high ceilings. With more space, you have the option of making a feature of your lighting. A large feature pendant can look too heavy and block your line of sight in a standard height room not to mention being a hazard for tall people. But in a living area with a raked ceiling, the same pendant can be a piece of art.

Savefrom dropbox.com3K+The Grove Byron Bay“The Grove” Byron Bay, designer home.

Ceiling Fans for Raked Ceilings

If you want to install a ceiling fan, choose one that has a ball and joint, suitable for an angled ceiling or install the fan on a beam.


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