Pools for Small Yards – Make the Most of Your Narrow Lot
Thursday,06 September 2018


Plunge pools are smaller than typical backyard pools and are best suited for small areas. The plunge pool is ideal for relaxing and cooling down and are a great way to bring your dream home to life. With the many designs available you can place a pool down the side of a house or in small garden areas.

Benefits of a plunge pool

  • Space saving
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be heated for use all year-round
  • Great for stretching muscles
  • Can fit according to your garden or alfresco area
  • Easy to heat
  • Requires less chemicals

Plunge pool sizes

Plunge pool sizes can change depending on who you purchase from.

Most common plunge pools range in width between 3 – 4 metres, with a length between 2 – 7 metres. Deep ends of plunge pools can be anywhere between 1.2 – 1.8 metres.

Plunge pool features

The small size of plunge pools allows them to be easily customised to fit your requirements. Each plunge pool is different, but many have the features below:

  • Step ledge for children
  • Non-slip floor and steps
  • Contemporary design
  • Bench seat designed for relaxing
  • Temperature control
  • Powered jets for body massage

Some plunge pools can come with a waterfall feature. This allows the water from the pool to be recirculated by the waterfall feature.

Plunge pools can promote a healthy lifestyle

You won’t be able to swim laps in a plunge pool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active in one. Because plunge pools are much smaller in size, the jets can create pool currents that you can walk or swim against. Anotherhealth benefit of plunge pools is that they can be customised with hydrotherapy jets and other heating devices. Hydrotherapy can help reduce muscle tension and sore joints.


Above ground

Above ground plunge pools are typically a cheaper option as they are easier to install than a below ground plunge pool. Above ground plunge pools are just as safe as inground pools. Their walls are designed with extra tough materials. A popular design of above ground plunge pools is to build a deck around it so the sides of the pool are hidden. This is perfect if you want your pool to be part of an entertaining area.

Below ground

Inground plunge pools can be made from a range of materials, the most common type is concrete. They are an extremely versatile pool that can just about fit anywhere. They come in different shapes including oval, square and rectangle. You can have a pool custom made if you have particular dimensions that you need your pool to adhere to.

No matter what pool you get, make sure you adhere to all pool legislations that are specific to where you live. All plunge pools will need to be fenced off just like any other pool