Polished Concrete the New Trend in Flooring
Tuesday,03 January 2017

The popularity of polished concrete floors has exploded over the past few years and rightly so. There are many benefits to using this versatile flooring, available in all Start Right Homes designs.



Start Right Homes offers the full range of flooring choices in all of our homes. Clients can choose from the following options, depending on budget and the overall style of your home.

  1. Vinyl
  2. Vinyl plank
  3. Click-wood
  4. Ceramic tiles
  5. Polished concrete


There are a number of benefits of using polished concrete floors in your new home. Some of our clients fall in love with the look alone, and for others it’s a combination of the advantages concrete floors provide.

The Look

Concrete provides an uninterrupted, expansive look to your floor. There are no grout lines as with tiles or the ends of wood planks. Concrete offers a seamless, stylish and modern look that brings up the overall finish of your home. If it’s the industrial theme you are after, opt for raw concrete plus weathered wood, exposed bricks or iron pipes. For a paired-down modern look, The Scandinavian interior design theme combined with plenty of light wood and minimalistic decor with a light polished concrete ticks all of these boxes. Or play around and create your own style! The great thing about concrete is that it lends itself to a range of styles. Choosing quality items that you love will create a natural theme throughout your home that is uniquely you.

Remember, not all concrete floors look the same; there are many options from which to choose. Ask one of our friendly Sales team members for more info on the options available!


Cleaning floors accounts for a large portion of the time spent on weekly chores so homeowners want a flooring material that is quick and easy to clean. Concrete floors only require a vacuum and mop each week to stay looking good for decades. Tiles will also last a lifetime, but remember that grout lines and the tile themselves can discolour with ground-in dirt and will eventually need to be professionally cleaned to quickly restore the original colour of the grout, this can be expensive so factor this in when choosing your flooring.


Wood and vinyl floors are a softer material and can be damaged by high heel shoes and heavy or sharp objects. Wood is also far more likely to scratch from sand and furniture than concrete so keep this in mind. Scratched wooden floors need to be sanded back and varnished to bring them back to good condition, but there are limits on the number of times the wood can be sanded before it becomes too thin.


The look of concrete has not drastically changed over the years, which means a good quality concrete floor will have a long life due to its hard-wearing nature and tendency not to date. You can always change up rugs and other decor to update your look over time, but your floor will keep up with the fashion.

Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Many people building today want to create a flow between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. One of the best ways to achieve this is through similar or complementary flooring. Most flooring choices are only suitable for inside the home so a different material is needed outside. If concrete is used in the interior living areas, it can easily continue to the alfresco or patio. Timber and concrete also look great together so if you like the look of wood, consider using a hard-wearing and well-oiled wood outside to pair with your indoor concrete floor.


Many people believe polished concrete flooring is cost prohibitive to include in their new home, but that’s not always the case. We have many First Home Buyers including polished concrete in their new homes and loving the results. Remember, the look of your floor will significantly impact the overall look and feel of your home so it’s worth taking the time to choose wisely.

Concrete flooring can be more difficult and expensive to do once a house is occupied and other flooring materials have been glued to the concrete pad. If you think you may want polished concrete at some stage in the future, it is ideal to go ahead before other flooring is used.

If you have any queries about whether polished concrete is the right choice in flooring for you, don’t hesitate to ask any of the friendly team at Start Right Homes.