How to use your tax return to get into the property market
Wednesday,01 July 2015

Here’s two ways that you can use your tax return to kick start you into property investing.

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Start Right Homes – The West Real Estate Program
Wednesday,15 July 2015

Start Right Homes has been featured on Channel 7. Director Jon Cuypers runs through how you can have an affordable custom home building experience.

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We’ve landed at Home Base, Subiaco!
Monday,11 January 2016

We’ve landed at Home Base, Subiaco!

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Wellard display home opening soon!
Thursday,21 April 2016

Our brand new display home in Wellard is opening soon!

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It’s display season!
Wednesday,27 April 2016

It’s display season in Perth and home builders have been busy showcasing the best of what’s to come.

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How to use your tax return to buy a house!
Monday,20 June 2016

It’s tempting to blow your tax return on new toys and expensive nights out, but have you ever considered using it to buy your first house? Follow these easy steps and get yourself on your way to financial success!

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We are now on Houzz!
Thursday,30 June 2016

We are now on Houzz!

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Buy a home or travel? Why not do both?
Wednesday,03 August 2016

Many first home buyers think buying their first home will tie them down financially to the point where travel and luxury items will be unaffordable. That’s simply not the case for many young Aussies who have managed to get into the property market and manage their cash flow in a way that gives you the […]

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Calling all volunteers!
Friday,19 August 2016

Gather your family and friends together next weekend and help clean up Lord Street. Followed by a free sausage sizzle!

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Interior design trends through the ages.
Tuesday,13 September 2016

We have seen some interesting design trends over the decades. Take a look back and see what decorated the homes of the past!

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The “Aldi effect”
Wednesday,21 September 2016

The “Aldi effect” – Property prices within close proximity to Aldi stores on the rise!

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Up to $40,000 off!
Wednesday,28 September 2016

Limited time only! Up to $40,000 off house and land across the Perth metro area.

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WIN $1000 CASH!
Wednesday,28 September 2016

Did you know that just by visiting one of our 3 display homes, you can enter the draw to win $1000 cash?

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New Homes Perth
40,000 reasons to live in Whiteman Edge!
Tuesday,18 October 2016

40,000 reasons why NOW is the time to build in Whiteman Edge estate!

Category: Offers & Tips
$10,000 off all lots EXTENDED!
Friday,21 October 2016

Contact us to see how you can score $10k off land in Perth!

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5 Ways to Furnish your Living Room on a Budget
Wednesday,26 October 2016

You don’t need to break the bank when it comes to decorating the living room in your new home.

Category: First Home Buyers
How to Choose the Right Plants for your Front Garden
Monday,31 October 2016

With a few tips you won’t need a green thumb to establish your front garden.

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Beach, Hills or City: Choosing where to build
Thursday,17 November 2016

Choosing where to build your next home is a big decision and you want to get it right. Here are some of our top picks for Perth.

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Choosing the Paint Palette for your New Home
Tuesday,06 December 2016

Interior paint colours is one of those big decisions everyone building a home needs to make. Here are some hints for finding a palette that suit you.

Category: First Home Buyers
6 Ways to Increase your Chance of being Home Loan Approved
Friday,09 December 2016

With the right advice, first home buyers can tip the scales in their favour of being approved for a home loan.

Category: Home Financing
Polished Concrete the New Trend in Flooring
Tuesday,03 January 2017

Polished concrete floors have many advantages and aren’t as pricey as you might think.

Category: Interior Design
Choosing your Block of Land
Tuesday,17 January 2017

Decide between land in a new estate or an infill block in an established suburb and Start Right Homes will build a house to suit your block perfectly.

Category: Land
Increased Government Grant Improves Housing Affordability
Wednesday,01 February 2017

Housing affordability is the best it has been in years after a boost in the First Home Owners Grant.

Category: Finance & Qualification
Interview with Start Right Home’s Pre-Start Consultant
Wednesday,15 February 2017

We chat to Start Right Home’s Pre-Start Consultant Kristy to find out all there is to know about the pre-start process.

Category: Design
9 Ideas for a Memorable Housewarming Party
Friday,10 March 2017

A housewarming party is a great excuse for a party with friends but also an opportunity to meet your new neighbours.

Category: New House
Customise a Floorplan to Suit You
Wednesday,15 March 2017

At Start Right Homes we welcome floorplan changes from our clients so their new home suits their lifestyle perfectly.

Category: Interior Design
Limited opportunities available!
Thursday,30 March 2017

Due to rapid growth, we now have limited opportunities available.

Category: Offers & Tips
Interview with Phil, Sales and Training Manager at Start Right Homes
Tuesday,02 May 2017

We chat to Start Right Home’s Sales & Training Manager Phil to find out why he’s known as the building industry guru.

Category: Interview
FHOG Boost Disappearing Soon
Monday,19 June 2017

Hurry to claim the $5,000 FHOG boost before it disappears on June 30.

Category: First Home Buyers
WA Govt giving away 125 cartons of free beer – 13 days to go!
Sunday,25 June 2017

If you like beer half as much as we do, then you’ll love this offer.

Category: First Home Buyers
Committed to Building on Infill Blocks
Wednesday,28 June 2017

Start Right Homes is committed to building on infill blocks in established suburbs by not charging any extra.

Category: New House
Choosing your Kitchen Bench Top
Friday,14 July 2017

A stunning kitchen bench top can be the star of your home if you choose wisely.

Category: New House
Increase the Value of Your Home with Upgraded Pre-Start Choices
Wednesday,26 July 2017

Add value to your home by upgrading the right pre-start choices.

Category: First Home Buyers
Energy Efficient Homes Start with Good Design
Friday,28 July 2017

With a 7.4-star rating on the Whiteman Edge display home, we know what it takes to build energy efficient homes.

Category: New House
4 Reasons to shop for a new home this winter!
Friday,10 November 2017

Recognising the right time to invest in property can save you thousands. Here are our top 4 reasons why to shop for your new home this winter!

Category: Property Investment
Do I Need a Block Before Finding a Builder?
Tuesday,21 November 2017

Home buyers often fall in love with a display home and worry they need to find a block before signing up. But there’s no need to panic; Start Right Homes can help you find the perfect block.

Category: Building
Small Lot Finalists in 2017 Truecore Steel HIA Perth Home Building Awards
Monday,27 November 2017

See what sets Start Right Homes apart from other small lot builders in Perth.

Category: Building
Floor Plan Perfection
Thursday,07 December 2017

The floorplan is an important decision when you’re building your home so we make it easy to find or design the right one for you.

Category: Building
End of a big 2017!
Friday,22 December 2017

2017 Has been a great year for Start Right Homes and we’re looking forward to big things in the pipeline for 2018!

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Open Plan Kitchen Living Areas – How to Create Space in a Smaller House
Tuesday,20 February 2018

An open plan living area can give your small home the feeling of space and calmness. Discover some ways to make the most of the space and create a comfortable, spacious living space.

Category: Interior Design
6 Outdoor Entertaining Area Ideas for Narrow Lots
Tuesday,15 May 2018

Make the most of the outdoor area on your narrow lot with these great ideas.

Category: Design
These Garden Feature Wall Ideas Are Perfect for Smaller Backyards
Tuesday,29 May 2018

In small backyards, walls and fences can be used as features of your outdoor area. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to plants and artwork you can use.

Category: Design
Can Permanent Residents Buy Property In Australia? A Guide for Expats
Thursday,14 June 2018

While Australia’s foreign ownership laws are some of the most generous in the world, there are conditions on who and what type of home they can purchase.

Category: First Home Buyers
Caesarstone Benchtops vs Essastone (and Why the Difference Matters)
Wednesday,27 June 2018

Your kitchen benchtop is one of the hardest working parts of your home, so deciding whether to use Caesarstone and essastone for your kitchen benchtop is a big decision.

Category: Interior Design
Choosing an Outdoor Fire Pit for Your New House – Ideas and Designs
Tuesday,24 July 2018

Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire with family or friends without leaving the comfort of your home? Consider a fire pit for outdoor entertaining at your new house.

Category: Design
Australian Native Garden Design Ideas for your New Front Yard
Monday,30 July 2018

With a little thought on layout and plant choice, you can achieve a perfect native garden that adds street appeal to your new home.

Category: Design First Home Buyers,
Home Styling Ideas to Make your New Home Look Instagram Worthy
Friday,31 August 2018

You don’t need to be an interior designer to give your new home the finishing touch it deserves.

Category: Interior Design New House,
Questions to Ask When Buying a House and Land Package
Monday,03 September 2018

House and land packages allow home buyers see the upfront price of a new home, while providing different options based on location, budget and lifestyle. Here is some handy information to make you better informed if you are thinking of purchasing a house and land package.

Category: Building New House,
Pools for Small Yards – Make the Most of Your Narrow Lot
Thursday,06 September 2018

Just because you have a small backyard does not mean you should sweat through the hot summer months. Plunge pools are a versatile option for smaller yards and are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners.

Category: Design
New Homes Perth
The Process of Building a House
Monday,10 September 2018

Building a new home is an exciting chapter in your life. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and you want to enjoy it. It’s important to understand the home building process to help reduce any stress and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Category: Building
3 Australian Bathroom Trends for 2018 You Need to Know
Monday,05 November 2018

Looking for inspiration to design the bathroom of your dreams for your new home? Consider incorporating these one of trends from 2018 for a particularly on point bathroom.

Category: Design New House,
Do I Need to Have a Design in Mind Before Finding a Builder?
Friday,30 November 2018

For some homeowners finding the right builder is their biggest concern. No wonder, it’s an important decision. Your builder is responsible for one of the most significant investments you will make. You need a builder you can trust and can work well with.

Category: New House
Raked Ceilings Vs Flat Ceilings – Is a Raked Ceiling Worth It?
Saturday,01 December 2018

What is a raked ceiling and should you include one in the living room of your new house?

Category: Building
Backyards Are So Much More than a Patch of Lawn
Sunday,09 December 2018

Perth’s climate gives us the enviable choice of using our backyards as part of our living space. For most of the year the weather is pleasant enough that we can sit outside to relax, cook a meal and entertain friends. So it’s important that you make the most of your outdoor space with a design that best suits your lifestyle.

Category: New House
Start Right with Your Dream Home Checklist
Saturday,15 December 2018

Introducing the new ‘Start Right Live Happy’ Series! We want to help you start your new home journey the right way, so we will be sharing exclusive tips and tricks with you every week. What better way to start than with your very own Dream Home Wish List?!

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Perth First Home Buyer
Start Right with your Budget Breakdown
Monday,17 December 2018

Financing can be hard, make sure you know your limits and set yourself a reasonable and achieveable budget. Remember that setting a price doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. There are plenty of options for all budgets when it comes to starting your finance right.

Category: Finance & Qualification Home Financing, New House, Offers & Tips,
Start Right with the Right Research
Thursday,03 January 2019

It can be overwhelming to try and research all the options available to you when it comes to building a house. We’ve made a list of the top 10 questions to ask before choosing your builder.

Category: Building Finance & Qualification, New House, Offers & Tips,
First Home Builders Perth
Start Right with the Right Team
Thursday,10 January 2019

So you’ve found the perfect house, but do you know who’s building it for you? Who’s in charge and who’s overseeing crucial aspects of your future home? These are important things to know! If you know your team, they will know you and they will know your expectations.

Category: Building Offers & Tips,
Start Right by Knowing Your Rights
Saturday,12 January 2019

Sometimes damages and defective prodcts are unavoidable. If you’re exploring your house in it’s construction phase and it’s important that you hold your builder responsible. In your contract, it’s important to make sure you outline a warranty to cover all work.

Category: Building Offers & Tips, The Start Right Series,
Start Right with Realistic Timelines
Saturday,19 January 2019

Now that you know the team working on your house, hold them accountable to the timelines they’ve promised you. These 5 milestones will help you keep your build on track.

Category: Building Offers & Tips,
Start Right with Finishing Touches
Saturday,02 February 2019

If the walls are up and the roof is on but it’s not quite finished, now is the time to get creative with how you make your house a home. Think colour palettes, decorations, themes and the overall feel you want for your home.

Category: Design Interior Design, Offers & Tips,
Start Right in Your New Home
Saturday,09 February 2019

Now your house is a home, there’s a range of ways you can add value without breaking the bank. We’ve compiled a quick list of ways to build the worth of your humble abode.

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Start Right Homes Have Become Proud Sponsors of the International Chinese Economic and Trade Advancement Association’s Perth Chapter
Tuesday,19 March 2019

  Start Right Homes recently became the major sponsor for the International Chinese Economic and Trade Advancement Association’s Perth Chapter. The purpose of the association is to encourage trade and business between Australia and China. This endeavour adds a great deal of value to the Australian economy and, not least of all, to the construction […]

Category: Community
Top five questions from our First Home Buyers Seminar
Thursday,21 March 2019

  If you joined us at our First Home Buyers Seminar, we hope that you’ve learned a little (*a lot) more about the process of building your first home. If you missed it, not to worry.  We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions asked during the evening to help you get up to speed […]

Category: Building Finance & Qualification, First Home Buyers, Home Financing,
Cook Like a MasterChef in Your Home
Tuesday,09 April 2019

When it comes home living, the kitchen is usually the heart of any house. It’s the place where family and friends gather to cook, to enjoy a meal, to relax and share their day with one another. As a result, it’s important that the space is well designed, with a great layout that everybody can […]

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