Home Styling Ideas to Make your New Home Look Instagram Worthy
Friday,31 August 2018

Home styling is the icing on the new home cake.

Don’t have a natural flair for design? Follow our styling ideas and you can have an Instagram worthy home.


Style your tables with a variety of small items to add interest. Your coffee and bedside tables are ideal for showing off your styling techniques. If it’s your coffee table, start with a relatively large item such as a flowering plant in an interesting pot or a bowl filled with shells or starfish depending on the theme of your room. Build out from your feature item with a stack of art or design books, a sculpture, candles.

Keep things interesting by moving objects around and restyling as the whim takes you.

For most bedside tables, your feature piece is your lamp. Next work your smaller items around it. Use a small stack of books for height and interest. Add a small vase of flowers or something else that’s organic like a shell if you love a beach theme. A framed photo or a sentimental piece of art, a candle, a small dish to hold your jewellery at night, and a decorative ornament. If your table is quite large, you can layer items such as two photo frames and place objects on top of each other.

For the best results use items that fit with one style such as classic, eclectic or rustic. A successful table styling is all about balance – height, texture, colour and shape.


Not that you have your coffee and side tables looking amazing, it’s time to move on to the couch. We spend plenty of nights here as a family and entertaining friends and family, so we want to spend some time styling this space. Also, your couch has a long life so if you keep changing the styling, you are less likely to get bored.

Changing the cushions and accessories on your lounge can change the whole look of the room. In a formal room, choose cushions that match in colour, order and number. If your sofa is in an informal living area, you can mix up the colour pattern and quantity of the cushions. Chose cushions that are complementary in tone if you are mixing prints and patterns. Throw in a plain one as relief from the patterns. Connect your cushions to the room by using a colour, tone, print or texture found elsewhere.

Vary the shape of your cushions with large ones at the back and a small round one in the front. Have at least one cushion with texture for tactile and visual interest. It could be velvet, leather, faux fur or metallic that adds the finishing touch.

Use a luxurious throw over the couch to make it even more inviting and add interest to the are in front of the sofa with an ottoman or large floor cushion.


Lighting makes a big difference to a photo of a room. During the day, the floor and table lamps add interest because they are at different heights around the room. Pendants can set the theme of the room and hang low over dining tables and counter tops. For large living rooms or bedrooms, you can consider adding beautiful wall sconces. At night turn on your lamps rather than ceiling lights for soft lighting and ambiance.


Decide if you are going to keep the walls white and let your styling shine or if you are going to use dark or bold paint colours to complement your decorative pieces. Painting your front door an eye-catching colour makes the home look attractive and well cared for. Soft pink, black and red have been popular choices in the last few years.


There is no point in having a home that looks like a showroom if it doesn’t feel like home. Include some personal items that have meaning or family photos. A piece collected on a favourite holiday can remind you of your time. A family heirloom or a stack of photo books shows how important family is to you.

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