Floor Plan Perfection
Thursday,07 December 2017

Every new homeowner dreams of their perfect home. A floorplan that suits your requirements now and well into their future is the ultimate in design. But how do you achieve that utopia?


Often floorplans are dictated by lifestyle and life stage. If you have a young family (or are planning one for the future), you are more likely to want an area that’s suitable for a kids’ playroom; somewhere to store their mountains of toys.

Clients with older kids might be more inclined to have multiple living spaces or a theatre room so everyone can watch what they want on TV or have friends over without disturbing the rest of the family.

More mature clients might be looking for a house that allows them to lock up and leave when they go on holidays, or a second entrance to the house for adult children or house guests to use.


When thinking about house design, you can’t look at the plan in isolation. Your block’s size and frontage will obviously have a big bearing on your house design but so will block orientation and neighbouring properties.


If you are keen to do your bit for the environment and keep your future utility bills to a minimum, your floorplan can be modified to achieve the highest star rating possible. We’ll let you know what tweaks can be made to the plans based on your block’s orientation to reduce your need for heating and cooling.


After years of listening to our clients, we have a good idea of what the majority of Western Australians want so we’ve designed our display homes to appeal. Some designs are open plan, others make use of privacy zones or outdoor areas.

Our experienced Sales Consultants can sit down and discuss what you want to achieve with your home and which designs may suit you best, we can also modify plans to perfectly suit your lifestyle. You can then make an informed decision on what will work for your lifestyle and family.


Here at Start Right Homes, we value flexibility, so we encourage you to have a chat to our Sales Consultants about which plans you love and which aren’t quite right for you, so we can work together to create the perfect design to suit your lifestyle, block and budget. Some clients like the majority of a plan but want to make some tweaks that will suit their family’s lifestyle, other clients want to start with a clean slate and work with our skilled team to complete a custom design.

We are here to help you achieve the perfect plan, so don’t hesitate to contact a Start Right Homes consultantabout the right floorplan to suit your lifestyle.