Energy Efficient Homes Start with Good Design
Friday,28 July 2017

The average household produces over seven tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. With 40 percent of the average home’s energy consumption needed for heating and cooling, good design can greatly reduce a home’s annual running costs.  Start Right Homes consider energy efficiency in every design, benefiting our clients’ pockets in the long run and reducing our carbon footprint.

With good design and energy efficient technology, we can reduce the need for constant heating and air conditioning, therefore, reducing the impact each home has on the environment. Our Whiteman Edge estate display home has an impressive 7.4-star rating which will have a significant impact on the cost of utility bills the owners will pay for years to come.


The Nationwide House Energy Rating (NatHERs) is a star energy rating from zero to ten based on a home’s design. Using scientific software by the CSIRO, house plans are analysed to work out how much energy will be required to keep the home warm or cool so that it is comfortable to live in year-round.

A house can be designed so that its living, kitchen and lounge areas are on the northern side to take advantage of winter sun. Windows and eaves can be sized to let in or block out more of the sun. Insulation and ventilation also impact on a home’s star rating as can the careful choice of building materials. The only electrical fitting that can be included in the star rating analysis is ceiling fans.

The location of the home is also considered by the NatHERS Accredited Software. Perth’s temperate weather makes it easier for us to achieve energy efficient homes and should be a consideration for every builder.


When it comes time to sell your home, being able to promote a high star rating is a big tick for prospective buyers. People have become more aware of energy efficient homes over the past decade. Buyers are keen to save money on their utility bills and do their bit for the environment.

Just as energy efficient homes are enticing for new buyers, tenants are just as mindful of the costs associated with staying comfortable in winter and summer. So if you think you may want to rent your home in the future, take an interest in your home’s energy rating and use it as a selling point in what can be a tough rental market.

Not only will you have a functional, energy efficient home but you will also have a beautiful, natural light-filled home that has been well considered during the planning stages.


Good house design and energy efficient materials can cost little or no extra to the overall cost of building a home. It’s often small changes that add up to a high star rating.

It costs you no more to make changes to the plans of your chosen Start Right Homes plan or to have a custom plan. Make use of our service to amend the plans to suit the orientation of your block.

If you would like to find out more about how we made the display home at Whiteman Edge estate so energy efficient, give us a call on (08) 6189 8795 or check out the home for yourself at 25 Kasanka Ave, Brabham.