Do I Need a Block Before Finding a Builder?
Tuesday,21 November 2017

Home buyers often fall in love with a display home and worry they need to find a block before signing up. But there’s no need to panic; Start Right Homes can help you find the perfect block.

Convenient for Builder to Do the Sourcing

Often it is quicker for a builder to conduct the search for a client’s block of land. At Start Right Homes we have spent years building relationships with Perth land and real estate agents. Whether you would like to build on an infill block in an established suburb or a new estate, we can help. We tap into our contacts to find out what land is available now and what’s coming up shortly that fits your brief. We will then put together some options and present you with the choices on offer.

Save Money on the Block

Remember that Developers sometimes offer exclusive land discounts to Builders. These discounts can be passed on to you, so letting your builder source your land can save you thousands.

Expert advice

When you’re looking for a block, really understand your drivers and this will help you decide where to buy. Is it short term capital growth? Is it proximity to work? Distance from schools? Price? Knowing your goals can really help you along the process. Our expert team have access to investment data, suburb profiles and upcoming schools and shopping precinct, so use their knowledge and let them help you find the ideal block of land for you.

Design elements

Ensuring your home fits on your block is one thing, but looking at it from a solar aspect can really make a difference to the liveability of your home, and depending on added design elements such as skylights, that can translate into savings for you when it comes to your energy bills. We will take all of this into account when we’re designing your home to make sure you’re getting the best out of your home and your block.

Be aware of siteworks

Siteworks are part and parcel of building. The cost of siteworks will depend on the quality of soil and the ease of access, digging and compacting. The ideal situation is a flat, sandy “A” class soil with easy access, often seen on blocks in development estates. In instances where there is heavy clay content, rock, existing trees or backfilling required to level the land, the additional costs can really add to the price of your block. Get in touch with our house & land specialists for a soil classification check – this can be a helpful indication of siteworks costs before you commit to your block.