Custom Designs

Finding the perfect new home for your family starts right here!

We understand that not every home design suits everyone. You are unique, you have individual tastes, situations and requirements. We get that! At Start Right Homes we are here first and foremost to ensure you are getting the best home for your family. That is why we offer custom designs and modifications on all our designs!

We encourage you to take the red pen on any of our designs! This is after all your home. You deserve to have it your way.

Already have a design? We can collaborate closely with architects or designers to help bring your new home design into life.

To discuss customising your home – get in touch today. We offer obligation free discussions about your home and would be more than happy to showcase to you why we’ve been named WA’s best value new home builder in Perth! 

A space that is uniquely yours

Your home. Your way. That is the mantra we here at Start Right Homes live by and our commitment to you is we will deliver you a home that not only lives up to the expectations… but exceeds it.




Designed around your lifestyle

Your home should be unique as your are, and we aren’t precious. Our designs are there for you to take the red pen to and change to suit you and your lifestyle.

Why accept the one-size fits all like other volume builders? We have the experience and expertise to customise your design that will not only suit your budget, block and lifestyle – but will also exceed your expectations.