Customise a Floorplan to Suit You
Wednesday,15 March 2017

When you build with Start Right Homes, you have choices. It’s important to us that you are completely happy with your floorplan, so we allow you to make changes. Your house needs to fit your family and lifestyle so if there is something on the plan you would like to customise, make sure you chat to one of our experienced New Home Building Consultants today.


Below are some a few of the common change requests we receive at Start Right Homes.


It’s important to get the storage right in your home as it can make a big difference to the way we live. Spend time thinking about what you like and loathe about the storage in your current home then make any necessary changes to the plan, so your new house is perfect.


Some people like to make a feature of storage, so they will request to have built-in open shelving rather than flat walls. This can add interest and is a great space-saving option.


If you are a keen cook or you have a hungry family to feed, then you might want to increase the size of the pantry so it’s a good size walk-in. If you like to entertain or have easy access to your appliances, a butler’s pantry or scullery might suit you better. Think about how you like to work in the kitchen and do your research, so your kitchen perfectly suits your needs. Visit our Wellard display home for a great example of a scullery.


What do you and your kids have in your wardrobes now and what will they be like in the future? A small wardrobe may be fine for a toddler but if your kids will be in the same room in their late teens and twenties, chances are they will need plenty of hanging space.

Alternatively, you may want more floor space in bedrooms to fit a king size bed and bedside tables comfortably in the master or your ‘kidults’ may want a double or queen bed in their room.


There are so many materials and colours to choose from that it’s easy to customise the front of your house to make it your own. You can use combinations of stone, brick, render and timber to give your house street appeal. Mix and match to find a look that appeals to you.


It’s fine to be fussy about the type of light fittings we have in our houses. Our lights and fittings have an impact on the amount of available light, the look of the room, running costs, carbon footprint and the time between bulb changes. You may want a uniform light fitting look throughout the house, or you may want to have something different in every room to suit its occupants and activities. Deciding on the fittings at the planning stage will give you more options in the future.


Many new homeowners are looking for a light and bright house. Consider the orientation of your block as this can have an impact on the available light during different times of the day. If you think an area of the house may be a little dark, you can add in a skylight to eliminate the need for artificial lighting on a winter’s day.


Ceiling height and style adds to the feeling of space and luxury in a home. If you like the look and striking visual effect of raked ceilings in the living area, ask about your options of adding in raking or high ceilings to your home. Add further interest to the room with lighting to highlight the feature. Check out our Whiteman Edge display home for a great example.


The list of floorplan customisation that can be achieved is endless. If you can imagine it in your new home then just ask your friendly Start Right Homes consultant if it can be done. In the meantime, start by looking through some of the plans we have on offer to find one that closely matches your requirements and go from there. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.