Choosing your Block of Land
Tuesday,17 January 2017

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a block of land in Perth. You have the choice of living in an estate, usually in newer suburbs or you could decide on an infill block and live closer to the city. In the past five years, many Perth local councils have rezoned large blocks to allow for multiple dwellings. Existing old homes are being demolished to make way for two homes or blocks are being sub-divided and a new home built behind the old one.



When you build a house behind an existing one, it is likely you will need a custom designed plan to fit the block size and meet council guidelines relating to visibility of the house from the street. Start Right Homes can usually provide a custom designed house to suit your budget and needs.


It’s the cost of the land that is the big difference. Beachside blocks in estates like Allara and Amberton, just north of Perth are available from around $130,000. As new schools, shopping centres and public transport routes open, land values will increase and these regions can be a great investment. If you are interested in living in the northern suburbs, be sure to check out the Start Right Homes display home at 19 Helios Street, Allara Estate.

There are some unbelievable discounts on the table right now so speak with a Start Right Homes House and Land Specialist for details of discounts available in various estates. As part of the Housing Affordability Scheme, the state government is also offering $20,000 off selected land at Whiteman Edge estate in Brabham. If you are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant, you will save yourself another $15,000. Saving tens of thousands of dollars equates to instant equity in your home! These discounts are allowing many First Home Buyers in Perth to get their foot on the property ladder and blocks are quickly selling out so ask us for more details now.

While you are having a look around Whiteman Edge, check out Start Right Homes’ display at 25 Kasanka Ave!


A block of land in an established suburb is usually more expensive than a block in a new housing estate. The big advantage of these blocks is that you can live closer to the CBD for a shorter daily commute. You may also decide on an infill block so you can live close to relatives for easy access to babysitters or established schools with good reputations.

Some people also believe there is less risk with an infill block. Established suburbs have plenty of online data to read up on, and have the benefit of existing amenities and established communities. However, many inner-city areas have already experienced their boom, so if it’s capital growth you’re after, estates might be best for you. There are plenty of small private estates popping up close to the city so you don’t have to be on the outskirts to find a great block at an affordable price.

If you love an area and want a new home, get in touch and let us know. Our experienced team of House and Land Specialists have exclusive access to a range of sources and will know if there is upcoming land to help you source your perfect block.


In September 2015 the WA state government released a draft of ‘Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million’. The government is keen to reduce urban sprawl by streamlining state approvals for all types of urban development, to make it easier to build in already established suburbs. This will usually mean more apartments and multi-unit dwellings, so check council plans for future developments. The Perth urban population is expected to increase by some 70% to 3.5 million people in 30 years, so we expect continue to see an increase in construction in Perth for some time.


Don’t forget, we’re offering a $1,000 referral fee. If you recommend us to a friend or family member and they purchase a house from Start Right Homes, we’ll give you $1,000 cash! Ask a Sales Rep for more information.