Choosing the Paint Palette for your New Home
Tuesday,06 December 2016

New homeowners are often excited at the thought of choosing the colour palette for their new home. What could be more fun than thinking about the mood you want to create with colour in your new abode, right? However, the variety of choice and the enormity of the decision can quickly dampen your enthusiasm. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a colour palette that’s right for you.



The fun part is looking around at the colours other people have chosen to paint their interiors. You could spend weeks or even months in the research phase, so it’s best to keep all of your ideas in one place. If you prefer the digital method, check out Houzz, you can create your own mood boards and follow interior designers, suppliers and search for styles you like. You can also check out Pinterest, follow design bloggers, TV shows and real estate websites for further inspiration.

If you prefer to collect your research in hard copy form, then use a notebook or hang up a mood board for you to clip up magazine pictures, photos and paint swatches that inspire you and bring them along when it comes time to choose your paint colour. Start Right Homes’ are finished with high-quality Dulux paint. Dulux create a range of stunning colour selections so you’re sure to find your perfect match. Check out their stunning award-winning new colour for 2017 on our instagram @startrighthomes!

One or More Colours

It’s up to you how many paint colours you want to use on your interior walls. Many clients like to use one paint colour throughout for a unified look. Others prefer more than one. If you are going to use multiple colours, think about using different strengths of the same colour or choose colours that have the same tone, so you don’t have clashes of colour between rooms. Using paints from the same colour family is a safe way of ensuring the colours compliment each other. Dulux group their paints according to undertone so when you are in the paint shop keep to swatches in the same area.

Leave it to your furnishings

Some homeowners want to create a mood with vibrant paint colours only to find that buttercup yellow looks great on a paint swatch, but it’s too much on every wall. You can play it safe by using a neutral colour on the wall and create the mood of a room through a bold piece of artwork, a colourful rug or funky furniture. A neutral wall colour will also give you an easy blank canvas if you want to update your decor often.

Remember you can always have fun with your interiors after your move in. You could paint a blackboard wall in the kitchen or living room for keeping track of the shopping list, week’s menu or for the kids’ entertainment.

Another popular trend for your walls is texture. There are new paints available that make your walls look like they are made of stone, metallic or suede. Follow the instructions to create the tactile look you’re after. Wallpaper has also made a comeback with beautiful standard or custom designs and murals. Use them on one or multiple walls as a feature.

Creating different moods through colour

Dramatic tones

If it’s drama you are after, you can’t beat a monochrome palette. It’s not just black and white; you can create the same mood using charcoal, greys and browns.

Cool tones

White walls with summery beach colours of blues, greens and yellows give your home a relaxed, fresh and breezy feel. Cool colours recede making a room feel bigger.

Warm tones

Warming colours of red and orange work well in large areas because of their cosy feel. Use these colours in living and dining areas.

For contrasting and complimentary colour ideas, use the Adobe Colour Wheel for inspiration.

When you need to decide on colours

Start Right Homes offers a complimentary 8-hour consultancy with an interior designer so you know you’re starting off on the right foot. Bring your digital or hard-copy mood board along to your pre-start meeting so our consultant will know exactly the look you’re after and work with you to choose the perfect products for your home. When it’s time to paint, our experienced team of painters will ensure your home is beautifully painted and ready for you to move in.

If you have any queries about creating the right look in your new home, get in touch with us today and we’ll get you some helpful expert advice.

Happy creating!