Choosing an Outdoor Fire Pit for Your New House – Ideas and Designs
Tuesday,24 July 2018

Including a fire pit in your outdoor area can extend your entertaining season to all year round.

Invite friends and family over to enjoy a few drinks around the fire and let the kids toast some marshmallows. A fire pit doesn’t take up much room, so it suits any size block. If the fire pit isn’t built-in, you can move it out of the way when not in use.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to fire pit design so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly.


You want your fire pit to look great day and night whether it’s in use or not. By making the pit look like a sculpture, there is no need to move it out of sight before the visitors arrive.. Spherically shaped fire pits come in all sorts of fun themes including cutouts of world globe, trees and animals for a more visually interesting focal point.

Savefrom Uploaded by userPhoto only dragon fire pit317Kolby BriscoeFire pits What backyard wouldn’t look great with a fire-breathing dragon in it?


If you have used stainless steel in your outdoor kitchen then why not have a fire pit to match? The clean lines and surface of steel are appealing in modern homes. But if you prefer your steel with a more rustic look, you could use corten steel which will age with a beautiful rust patina.

Savebrookstone.comStainless Steel Urn Outdoor Fire Pit151Veronica RussellHouse and home

Made of stainless steel, it will still look great many years from now.


We’ve been building barbeques and fire pits from cast iron forever, so it’s a traditional material that people like for its authentic look. If you prefer the aged, rustic look, try a brushed copper cast iron.

SaveThe FarthingCast Iron Fire Pit Brazier – Extra Large from The Farthing88ElleDoing leisure well

An extra large, classic brazier to generate plenty of heat on a cold night.


Some people have turned off the idea of a fire pit because they don’t want the hassle of buying or collecting then chopping wood. You can install a fire that runs on gas. Just like your barbeque, you can hook into your mains rather than worrying about gas bottles. It’s environmentally friendlier and produces heat quicker than a traditional wood fire. Ethanol is another fuel option that eliminates the need for wood. These fuels are ideal for people who want fire without the smoke particularly in dense inner suburbs.

SaveChristinas AdventuresCosy outdoor space featuring a modern fire pit, to keep things toasty, and an ingenious yet stylish privacy screen932Jennifer ColesDuplex

A gas fire this high off the ground is sure to keep hands and faces warm rather than just toes.


If you have a small yard, you probably have limited options for placement. Your fire pit either needs to go near your fence, alfresco or garden. If you don’t want the café blinds or colorbond fence sporting tiny burn marks after a big night in front of the fire, you could opt for a spark arrestor to protect your surrounds (including the neighbour’s clothesline).

SaveBetter Homes & GardensWe live an outdoor lifestyle here along the Coastal Bays. Here’s a fire pit gift idea to warm hands and hearts on our cold off season nights.3K+Chrissy Wfire pits

The mesh casing on this spherical fire pit rolls back, or you could choose one you can remove.


Don’t forget to think about where you are going to store your firewood. A messy stack of wood piled high next to the pit might be an eyesore when the pit isn’t in use. It’s ideal if your design has some kind of storage system like under the benches so the wood can be put away neatly and stay dry.

Savefrom this wood stacker. What a nifty idea. The Unearthed Garden7K+Deni Castle Noosa Real EstateFireplaces

This wood stacker is perfect for storing the different sized wood – from kindling to large logs.

If you want to incorporate any feature inside or outside your home, let us know, and we can make sure it’s showcased in your home’s design. It’s all part of our custom service, ask an experienced Start Right Homes consultant by calling (08) 6189 8795 or contact us online.