Knock Down and Rebuild

Love your location ….. but not your home? Why move when you can rebuild?

As knock down rebuild specialists in Perth, we understand that moving your life from a neighbourhood you love and have built a life in is hard. So we challenge your need to move!

Need more information? Want to discuss your options of knock down and rebuilding? Let’s arrange a time for you to talk to one of our friendly consultants (with no obligation). Simply call us on 08 6189 8799 or complete the contact form below

When you've outgrown your current home!

The big debate has always been to renovate or rebuild, and every year we have watched as many western australian’s battle through the nightmare of renovating, expecting it to be quicker and cheaper than building from scratch.

Our rebuild team specialise in building new homes, that take full advantage of your existing site giving you the choice from our huge range of home designs to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re tired of your old place, but love the comfort of your current address – why not discuss your knock down and rebuild options with us today!

We hand hold you through the process

1.Information Session – We will hold an information session with you to discuss your budgets, design requirements and time frames we are working towards.

2. The Due Diligence – We can help obtain any relevant information required from all regulatory bodies to understand what is permissible on your site.

3. Site Analysis – We will assess the existing site conditions and provide an analysis of the site findings.

4. Design – Next we look at the design that will suit your block and the limitations that may be in place.

5. Construction – With the paperwork locked away and approvals in place, we’ll commence construction and deliver you your brand new home

6. You’ll spread the word!