The Start Right Community

Start Right are proud to sponsor local charities and community groups. We are a diverse team from a range of backgrounds that take great pleasure from being involved with and giving back to our community.

Our involvement ranges from charity work to sponsorship at local events and cultural events.

To help you Start Right, we need to get to know and understand you. For this reason, Start Right takes every opportunity to support causes that matter to our team, clients and community.

Buddy Up Australia offers a way for people who have served their country, either domestically or overseas, to connect with like-minded people and feel that sense of purpose again. That’s through physical fitness and volunteering for worthwhile projects.

The effects of leaving the service can impact both physical and mental health and for some it is a big adjustment to life after service. We want to keep our buddies in the well zone of mental and physical health.

FAMAS Perth is a not-for- profit organisation that aims to promote cross-cultural awareness and unite all Filipino Australian Communities.

Our aim, is to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of the Filipino culture and to promote camaraderie and understanding through various projects and events held by FAMAS.

International Chinese Economic and Trade Advancement Association Perth Chapter

The purpose of the association is to encourage trade and business between Australia and China. This endeavour adds a great deal of value to the Australian economy and, not least of all, to the construction industry in Australia which fuels jobs. Our Directors recently attended the inaugural Committee Installation Dinner which has been covered extensively on Chinese and Australian press.