5 Ways to Furnish your Living Room on a Budget
Wednesday,26 October 2016

Past generations held on to their lounges for the best part of 20 years. Lounges were expensive; built by artisans for a long life. Your poor grandma probably struggled to shift the jarrah framed lounge to clean the shagpile carpet underneath.

Much of today’s furniture is made of cheaper materials with less manual labour and designed for a shorter lifespan. With changing fashion and more choice, it’s expected that we will change over our furniture more regularly.


Sure you can still buy the high-quality leather lounge from a designer showroom that will last you a decade or two, but if the budget needs to be considered, there are still plenty of alternatives.

1. Ask around!

Friends or family may have a lounge they no longer want. If it needs to be cleaned, you can call in a carpet cleaning company or do it yourself with a small hand-held steamer or hire one from your local supermarket. If the colour or pattern of the fabric isn’t something you can live with, look at buying or making slip covers for your lounge.

2. Gumtree

Gumtree is a treasure trove of good quality second-hand lounges that you can score for a relatively low price. People often change over furniture for a new look or move house and find the lounge doesn’t fit the new space.

3. Budget Furniture Stores

If it’s a new lounge you are after, there are several budget furniture stores in Perth well suited to the first home buyer. The furniture usually comes in a few styles and modern colours to choose from. Often the lounge can be bought as part of a living room package with a matching entertainment unit, coffee and side tables.


There are plenty of options for saving money on your living room furniture without compromising on form or function.

4. Repurposing old furniture

Repurposing old furniture is cool. Find a piece of furniture on the verge or in a second-hand store and give it a new life with a coat of paint or repurpose it into a new piece. Not only are you saving money you’re also being kind to the environment. If you need some inspiration jump on to Pinterest and check out other people’s projects. There is a great selection of wood stains and paints available including chalk paint for a modern take on old pieces.

5. Repurpose new furniture!

If you don’t have the time or interest in working on old furniture, you can always buy new pieces of furniture and give them a different purpose than they were originally designed. Take IKEA furniture for a start. You might like the price tag, but you’re uninspired by its look. Simply Google ‘IKEA hacks’ and discover the transformations you can make. You can also pick up some ideas for home wares by Googling ‘Kmart hacks’.

Remember to have fun with your living room choices. If a tight budget means you can’t fill your living room with designer pieces you love, try choosing a few of your favourite pieces and making them the focus of the room. A bold piece of artwork can scream ‘look at me’ even louder than grandma’s shagpile carpet.