3 Australian Bathroom Trends for 2018 You Need to Know
Monday,05 November 2018


Looking for inspiration to design the bathroom of your dreams for your new home? Consider incorporating one of these trends from 2018 for a particularly on-point bathroom.

Best of all you don’t need a massive budget for incorporating these styles into your new bathroom, it’s possible to get a similar look for less. Be smart with the materials you choose, and you’ll be enjoying a bathroom that ticks off the three big trends for 2018 – resort style, metallic tapware and patterned, coloured tiles.



Today our homes are not only our castle but also a sanctuary from the outside world. By creating a day spa resort look and feel in their bathroom, they can relax and unwind in the comfort of their home.

According to Reece Bathroom spokesperson in a Houzz article, a day spa themed bathroom is ‘a personal retreat with a touch of indulgence – a true place of escape.’

You can make your own personal retreat in your new home with a freestanding bathtub. Placing the bathtub on a platform makes it even more prominent. Natural and tactile materials such as stone, timber, concrete and marble are prevalent in the day-spa trend.



Chrome tapware is timeless, but if you are looking for something a little different, there’s a brushed metal finish that perfectly complements the other elements in your bathroom.

Rose gold – an alloy of 22.5-carat gold with a small amount of copper gives the tapware its rose appearance. The warm colour works well with whites, timber and stone.

Brushed nickel – similar to brushed chrome, nickel has a slightly warmer look. Its understated appearance means its popular with earthy tones and timbers.

Gunmetal – its smooth metallic lustre and tactile qualities have made it a popular choice. This sophisticated look is perfectly paired with whites or greys. It can be warmed up by using timber and neutral colours in cabinetry.

Copper – The industrial bathroom style has been popular for a couple of years now, but that doesn’t mean it has fallen out of favour in 2018. Concrete benchtops, raw wood cabinets or stone-look tiles are perfect partner pieces for industrial copper or brass.

Matt black – a favourite on reality TV house renovation shows late last year, matt black is being used for renovators and new home buyers this year. Used sparingly, black tapware and finishes can add drama and sophistication to a bathroom. It also compliments white tiles, timber and stone finishes.

Of course, you don’t need to stop at tapware. If you love the look of your chosen metallic finish, repeat it in the wastewater drain, towel rail or decorative pieces.



The trends for 2018 tiles are patterned, terrazzo and colours. The world’s largest tile and bathroom exhibition, the Cersaie Trade Fair held in Bologna, Italy this year set the tone for tile trends.

Terrazzo is making a big comeback. Inside Out believe it’s the quirky colour combinations from bold to soft greys and neutral tones and character that people love. Made from natural stone and cement with varying sized chips of marble, quartz, glass and granite. The prominent colours dominating this year include blues, emeralds and soft greens. The blues were dark from denim to blackened blue. Pastels are far from out with soft blue being the popular choice.

And if you are wondering about tile size – big is best. The standard large tile size of 600mm x 600mm has grown to 750mm x 750mm, 800mm x 800mm and 1200mm x 1200mm. These large, thinner tiles require special manufacturing and laying techniques.

If you have watched this year’s home TV reality shows, it’s evident that patterned tiles are also trendy. Stunning patterns of yesteryear and geometrics in muted and bright colours made a comeback.


Looking to incorporate some of this year’s hottest trends in your new bathroom?

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