Increased Government Grant Improves Housing Affordability
Wednesday,01 February 2017

Housing affordability is the best it has been in years after a boost in the First Home Owners Grant.

Category: Finance & Qualification
Interview with Start Right Home’s Pre-Start Consultant
Wednesday,15 February 2017

We chat to Start Right Home’s Pre-Start Consultant Kristy to find out all there is to know about the pre-start process.

Category: Design
Open Plan Kitchen Living Areas – How to Create Space in a Smaller House
Tuesday,20 February 2018

An open plan living area can give your small home the feeling of space and calmness. Discover some ways to make the most of the space and create a comfortable, spacious living space.

Category: Interior Design
Start Right with Finishing Touches
Saturday,02 February 2019

If the walls are up and the roof is on but it’s not quite finished, now is the time to get creative with how you make your house a home. Think colour palettes, decorations, themes and the overall feel you want for your home.

Category: Design Interior Design, Offers & Tips,
Start Right in Your New Home
Saturday,09 February 2019

Now your house is a home, there’s a range of ways you can add value without breaking the bank. We’ve compiled a quick list of ways to build the worth of your humble abode.

Category: New House Offers & Tips,
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